Your four-legged friend is welcome in the "Eulenhof"

st peter ording hotel dog: dog Filu on the beach

St Peter Ording Hotel Dog ...

For her Pet There are many good reasons to choose the EULENHOF: Your four-legged travel companion is always welcome. Already after a tight 50-meter-run "the dog newspaper" can be read in the forest. All around there are many opportunities for long walks. Upon arrival, there will be a welcome dog snack with a water bowl. Please bring your own dog utensils. In vain is the stay not. For each night, € 5, - to 7, - will be charged for your four-legged friend. We donate this amount to the shelter NF. Once we charge € 30,00 for separate cleaning (not included in the shelter obulus). We are sure that you and your four-legged friend will spend a nice and relaxing stay with us ... in every season.
Please indicate your four-legged friend with the request.

St. Peter-Ording Hotel Dog Apollo on the beach

Please leash dogs ...

St. Peter-Ording is located in the middle of the National Park Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea. The Wadden Sea is not prohibited for quadrupeds in the national park. To protect the wildlife is mandatory linen. But also on the dikes, in the foreland and on the beaches the leash for dogs is necessary. Sheep, seals and seabirds are at home here. Dogs disturb them with the foraging, nest or brood.

St. Peter-Ording Hotel-Eulenhof dog Filu

Dogs on the beach ...

We have set up special areas (dog beach) for dogs at the bathing areas in the districts of Böhl, Bad, Ording and Ording Nord (nudist beach). For the protection of all guests, especially for the protection of the children, a leash is also required there. Please remember that dogs are heavily exposed to the sun on our wide sandy beaches. Sun protection and a water bowl for your dog should be part of your beach luggage in St. Peter-Ording.

St. Peter-Ording Dog Dog Pouch Dispenser in Wals

Free dog bags ...

As a responsible dog owner, you are sure to enjoy a clean environment as well as your fellow human beings. You can help yourself by making sure that your dog's dog is always packed in a dog waste bag and disposed of in the nearest bin. Hundekotbeutel you get at our reception or in many places on the wide footpaths in and around St. Peter-Ording. Lead by example and show responsibility for your pet.

St. Peter-Ording Hotel dog

Dogs in the resort and in the spa area ...

Dogs are allowed on a leash in the entire spa area, on the beach promenade, in the forest around St. Peter-Ording and on the hiking trails, in the dunes and in the pedestrian zones. You will find drinking stations for dogs in front of many restaurants and in front of the facilities of the tourist office. Dangerous dogs are not allowed in St. Peter-Ording. The safety of our guests and residents has absolute priority. I am sure you will understand.

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